Book Blogger Insider Tag

So late… So late… But here it goes! I was tagged by Blame Chocolate (Thank you so much!)  back in January (sorry…) but only now I am getting around to do it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy^^ You will get to know some more about me… Rules: 1. Answer the questions below 2. Credit the creator Jamie @ALittleSliceofJamie 3. Tag at least 5 people 4. Have fun! … Continue reading Book Blogger Insider Tag

‘Shadowhunters’ makes me want to reread City of Bones (which I did not like)

So, I started watching Shadowhunters and it has taken over my life. I was not prepared for this. I read City of Bones back in 2013, and looking at my review I had some issues with it. But the TV series has peaked my interest again and I am prepared to give it another try. I didn’t have high expectations when I started watching, but … Continue reading ‘Shadowhunters’ makes me want to reread City of Bones (which I did not like)

TBR & Wrap Up: Feb/Mar 2018

New month! And I’m back from a break. One month left and I finish this school year’s university studies and then a internship for 3 months starts. It’s gonna be nice. But now, back to books. February 2018 Wrap Up Hunted by Megan Spooner ✮✮✮ Night’s Dominion, Vol 1 (Night’s Dominion, #1-6) by Ted Naifeh ✮✮✮ March 2018 TBR To finish: Heartborn (Heartborn #1) by Terry … Continue reading TBR & Wrap Up: Feb/Mar 2018