Harry arrives at Hogwarts more than ready to begin his wizarding world education. From strict McGonagall to nervous Quirrell, bullying Snape to cheerful Sprout, there’s lots to learn – inside the classroom and out.

– Pottermore

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Theme 3
Chapters 8-11
Source: Pottermore

QUIDDITCH! How I love that sport! I would definitely play if I was a witch. Now I had to settle for football instead (and some volleyball). But imagine, flying through the air, chasing *insert ball*. I don’t know what player I’d be though. Chaser or beater probably, those seem the most fun. Also, imagine Lee Jordan refereeing the game. Do we know what happened to him? I want to imagine his refereeing professionally.

Bad behaviour

Thinking back to these chapters you can really see bad behaviour from many different people. Snape being a total stupid person treating Harry like he does. Malfoy being even more of a bully than I remembered. Jeez, I didn’t remember him being this much worse of a person than in the movies. Ron not taking Hermione’s feelings into consideration, at all.

These are not that bad, compared to what’s to come, but the behaviours presented here are what kids needs. I think this teaches kids how to be a nice person. With Snape and Malfoy you feel with Harry and in that way learn not to behave like them. You also learn how to deal with people like them. Find your friends and don’t care about the ones talking shit.

Concerning Ron, you learn to think before you talk, and to not judge a person too quickly. You can feel how ashamed he becomes when he realises that he hurt Hermione, and that it is possible to make it right (you just need a mountain troll).

I haven’t thought about this before, but I do think I as a kid learned from this, subconsciously. As many have said, the Harry Potter series have thought people the importance of friendship and not hatred. No one should live in the closet. No one should be unaccepted. The Harry Potter generation has all learned this from an early age.

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