Event: Merlin – Watch Along

What is this you may wonder. Well, this is an idea me and Ampersand Princess got a few days ago – to rewatch all of Merlin and blog about it. And we want to welcome all of you to join us in this!

But what is Merlin? According to IMDB it is a fantasy adventure drama created by BBC that ran from 2005-2012.  According to us, it is amazing.

In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin.

How this will work

  • Every week we will watch one episode of Merlin, starting with season 1 episode 1.
  • A blog post will be published every Friday throughout this event on one of our blogs, discussing the last episode.
    • The first blog post will be published on October 28th over on Ampersand Princess blog.
    • The second blog post will be published here on my blog on November 4th.
    • We will in other words post a co-written blog post on our own blog every second week.
  • You are very welcome to join the discussion in the comments or create your own blog posts.
    • Please link back to our blog post concerning the episode so we and others can find your post.


We’ll see you in Camelot!

Cassiopeia’s Moon and Princess Sarah


3 thoughts on “Event: Merlin – Watch Along

  1. I love “Merlin”! I was so sad when it ended. I go back and watch it pretty often, especially the funny episodes but I’ve never been able to re-watch the last to episodes. It’s too hard!

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    1. Yeah, there are some episodes I just watch again and again that make me so happy! I love Merlin to death! When I adopted my cat I named her Freya after the character in the show. If she was a boy, I would have without a doubt named her Merlin 🙂

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